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NEW Edition! Resurrection After Rape is an inspiring guidebook for women who are making the journey through therapy after sexual trauma. It has become the "gold standard" for rape recovery books, used in treatment centers, rape crisis programs, and training courses across the United States!


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Updated Edition

302 pages, 8.5 x 11 Workbook size

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In this handbook by an award-winning author, you will find answers to such questions as,


What are the most common mistakes in the treatment of rape trauma?

What is PTSD, and how do I cope with my thoughts about rape?

What is the link between rape and self-injury?

Can sex ever be enjoyable again?

Is it normal to be angry at God now?

Why do some men rape, and what can be done about it?

How do I manage my shame and guilt?

Do women ever really recover?

What does recovery look like?

Should I confront or forgive my rapist?

How do I cope with medical appointments that trigger rape memories?

The most important part of this entire book, though, are the words of fellow women who have triumphed over rape trauma. Through their journals, art, and stories, you will find effective and hope-giving steps to recover life after rape! Resurrection After Rape is a valuable guide for therapists, and a potentially life-saving work for survivors.


"This work is amazing. There are so many sentences that leave me wishing I could hug Matt and say thank you. It brought me to tears, and it takes something immensely powerful for that to happen. So thank you."

-Martine, Survivor